Panzy's Place Rattery

Adoption Agreement


Whereby ________________________________________________ (hereby referred to as the Adopters) agree to the following conditions of adoption of __ fancy rats (hereby referred to as the Rats), as described below, from Ann Keverline, breeder of Panzy's Place Rattery (hereby referred to as the Breeder).


Names Given by Breeder:  PNZY _______________________________________________


Names Given by Adopters: PNZY _______________________________________________


Descriptions: _______________________________________________________________




Date of Birth (M/D/YY): ____/____/____  Date of Adoption (M/D/YY): ____/____/____


Bred from (Sire x Dam):________________________x_____________________________


The Adopters agree to give the RaTS proper care, including, but not restricted to:

-          Appropriate housing which is regularly cleaned, safe bedding (not pine or cedar), a constant supply of fresh water, a nutritious diet, toys and sleeping quarters appropriate for the Ratsí ages and condition.

-          The Rats will be housed with other compatible rats of the same gender and of similar age.

-          The Rats will be given daily attention, handling, exercise and time outside their cage.

-          The Adopters know a good rat vet in their area and will be prepared for a medical emergency. The Rats will receive all necessary veterinary care to maintain their good health.

The Adopters ALSO agree to keep the Rats as pets only and agree never to breed the Rats unless a breeding contract is drawn up and agreed upon by both the Breeder and Adopters.

FURTHERMORE, The Adopters UNDERSTAND that if the Adopters fail to keep any part of this agreement, or if the Rats are neglected, mistreated, not receiving adequate medical care; If the Adopters can no longer provide proper care for the Rats as seen fit by either the Breeder or Adopters or for any reason the Adopters can no longer keep the Rats, the Adopters agree to, at the Breederís discretion; deliver the Rats to the Breeder, and to unconditionally surrender the Rats to the Breeder, without financial compensation. Under no circumstance are the Rats to be surrendered by the Adopters to a friend, pet store, auction, research establishment, wildlife rehabilitation facility, another breeder, or any other entity unless permission has been given to the Adopters to do so by the Breeder. By signing this document, the Adopters consent that this is a valid and legitimate contract, which will stand up in a court of law.

The Breeder warrants that the information above pertaining to the Rats, as well as all information contained in the pedigree given to the Adopters by the Breeder is correct to the best of the Breederís knowledge. The Breeder warrants that the Rats are in good health and are of excellent temperament at the time of adoption. The Breeder is hereby absolved from any liability for any future change in said Ratsí health and temperament; and is furthermore not responsible for any injuries or property damage caused by the Rats. The Breeder makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, of the Ratsí suitability/compatibility with the Adopters and their family; and or of the Ratsí suitability for showing.


The Adopters agree to purchase the Rats described above from the Breeder for the price of _____________.


Signed by above mentioned Breeder__________________________________________________




Signed by the above mentioned Adopters______________________________________________




  Date signed: __________________________

Contact information (please print):


Adoptersí names: __________________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________________


Telephone: (_____)  ______ - _________  cell phone: (_____)  ______ - _________ 


E-mail: ____________________________________________________________________