babiesMy adoption fee is $30 per rat. I don’t adopt out single rats unless you have a same sex similar aged rat at home. If you are interested in adopting a rat from me (or two or three), please fill out the adoption application to be put on a wait list for upcoming litters.

Adoption Application

Adopters must sign an adoption contract stating that they will provide adequate care for the rats, return the rats to me if they are unable to keep them, breeding is subject to my approval, and the rats are in excellent health and temperament as far as I know at the time of the adoption, but that I can’t offer any guarantees for the future health and temperament of the rats.

I do not ship my rats. I try to time my breedings to coincide with rat shows so that pick up can be arranged at the show or along the route to the show. I only accept US dollars, cash on delivery unless prior arrangements have been made. For example, if someone else is delivering the rats you can paypal me the money. You will need to bring your own suitable carrier for your babies. I do not provide a carrier. You will need to pick up your rats within 7 days of their 5th week birthday or the adoption will be nullified, unless prior arrangements have been made, (you are going to be out of town for example and we set a date for later pick up.)