Graphic Designers
PNZY Araminta Tubman
Blue Cinnamon
PNZY Banksy (Above at 8 weeks)
Dumbo Mink Rex Roan

PNZY Araminta Tubman gave birth to 12 babies sired by PNZY Banksy on July 19, 2019. There are 8 boys and 4 girls. Minty is an outgoing, active and friendly girl. She has a lovely adorable wheelie tail and the bounce in her step to go with it. Banksy is your typical male roan, loves to give kisses and spending time with his humans.

Minty is also fostering a baby from Brandon of Breakfast Bunch Rattery, who has Minty's sister Peggy. Unfortunately, Peggy had a difficult birth and only one baby. She wasn't producing much milk so Brandon thought it best to bring her here for Minty to raise. Being the great mom that she is, Minty took the wee girl in as one of her own.

Grownup Banksy (on right) with his pal ROUS Nacho.
All the babies from this litter are reserved, but if you would like to get on the list for future litters, visit my adoption page for more information and the adoption application.

The Boys
El Lissitzky, Russian Blue Rex Roan (Reserved Michelle)
Russian artist, designer, and architect who was an important figure of the Russian avant-garde. He designed propaganda posters for the Soviet Union in the early 20th century.
Erik Spiekermann, Russian Blue Agouti Roan (Reserved Corinne)
German typographer, designer, and writer. Speikermann is very influencial in current typeface and information design. He also wrote the book "Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works."
Herb Lubalin, Beige Rex Roan (Reserved Julia)
American graphic designer whose typefaces and book designs can be seen in logos and publications from the 70s through the 2000s.
Jan Tschichold, Dumbo Russian Blue Rex Roan (Reserved Michelle)
German born graphic designer who directed the visual design of Penguin Books, which served as a model for the emerging practice of corporate identity design after WWII.
Peter Saville, Dumbo Russian Blue Agouti Rex Roan (Reserved Corinne)
English art director and graphic designer who is most remembered for his record sleeve designs for bands like Joy Division and New Order.
Shigeo Fukuda, Russian Blue Rex (Reserved Julia)
Japanese graphic designer and sculptor whose artwork often involves optical illusions.
Josef Albers, Dumbo Beige Rex Roan (tentative reserve Vivian)
German-born American artist and educator who was influencial in color theory and modern art education.
Paul Renner, Dumbo Russian Blue Rex Roan (tentative reserve Vivian)
German typeface designer who designed Futura, one of the most widely used typefaces of the 20th century.
The Girls
Eiko Ishioka, Dumbo Russian Blue Agouti Roan (Reserved PNZY)
Japanese designer known for her work in costume design, print, and advertising. She was the director of costume design for the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Francis MacDonald, Russian Blue Agouti (Reserved Angel)
A member of the 'Glasgow Four' (two sisters and their husbands) which formed a large part of the Art Nouveau movement in Scotland.

Paula Scher, Dumbo Beige Roan (Reserved Angel)
American graphic designer and art educator, she designed album covers for Atlantic Records and the branding for Museum of Modern Art.
Zuzana Licko, Dumbo Beige Rex Roan (Reserved PNZY)
Slavic born American typeface designer known for co-founding the graphic design magazine Emigre and for creating numerous typefaces widely used in the 90s to today.
Amalthea, Agouti Roan Dwarf (Reserved tBBR)
Named after a character from The Last Unicorn, Amalthea is a foster who we didn't think would make it. Amazing mom Minty proved us all wrong!
Pedigree for the Graphic Designers Litter
Graphic Designers Sire: PNZY Bansky,
dumbo mink rex roan
LASC Octavius
(dumbo black self dwarf)
SITH Popcorn (American Blue Agouti Irish Dwarf) SITH Macadamia Nut (Russian Blue Agouti Dumbo Dwarf)
SITH Hazel Nut (American Blue Irish Dwarf)
SITH Charlie (Black Self Dumbo) SITH Captain (Rex Black Self Dumbo)
SITH Boba Fetta (Black-Eyed Seal Point Siamese Dumbo)
LASC Lily (fawn double rex dumbo roan) PNZY Gandolf (Agouti European Roan Dumbo Rex) PNZY Rollo (Black Self Dumbo)
SITH Arya (Agouti European Roan Dumbo Rex)
PNZY Georgia Peach Agouti Self Dumbo Rex PNZY Rollo (Black Self Dumbo)
SITH Arya (Agouti European Roan Dumbo Rex)
PNZY Araminta Tubman
Russian blue cinnamon
SITH Leeroy Jenkins
Agouti Irish Dwarf
Agouti Irish Dwarf
tBBR Barnacle tBBR Russian Blue Agouti Hairless Dwarf
SITH Harper tBBR Blue Agouti Dwarf
Russian Blue Hooded Dwarf
tBBR Scurvy Black Variegated Dumbo Dwarf
PNZY Georgia Peach Agouti Self Dumbo Rex
ROUS Danger Baby,
Beige Roan
ROUS Cedar
Russian Agouti European Roan Dumbo
ROUS Peace Dove European Roan Dumbo
TMLS Juniper Agouti Irish Dumbo
ROUS Loulou,
Russian Blue European Roan Rex Dumbo
LASC Harry Jr. Black Self Dumbo
ROUS The Empress Black European Roan Dumbo Rex
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