Butterflies of North America
PNZY Little Becka
Dumbo Russian Blue Agouti Rex
PNZY Dmitri Polyakov

On March 4, 2019 PNZY Little Becka gave birth to 12 babies, 6 girls and 6 boys sired by PNZY Dmitri . Sadly one little girl was lost a few days after birth. The rest of the babies are doing well though, even the runt. We have a nice smorgasbord of colors with this litter: beige, Russian blue agouti, agouti, black, dove and fawn. Markings are mostly selves, and there are two roans. Coats are three rex and eight standard. Ears should be half dumbo and half standard, but it’s too soon to tell yet. Becka is a much loved heart rat with the typical calm and kissy roan line personality. Dmitri is no slouch in the personality department either. He's happy and curious and loves to snuggle in a bonding scarf. Individual baby pictures coming soon!

There is room on the waitlist for this litter. Visit my adoption page for more information and the adoption application.

The Boys
Buckeye, agouti self (Keeping)
Checkerspot, agouti roan (Reserved Sarah)
Crescent, black self (Reserved Erin)
Fritillary, dumbo beige (Reserved Christina)
Hairstreak, black rex (Reserved Sarah)
Longtail, agouti (Reserved Erin)
The Girls
Copper, dumbo fawn rex (Reserved tBBR)
Elfin, dumbo agouti (available to waitlist)
Monarch, dumbo agouti roan (Reserved ROUS)
Skipper, dumbo Russian blue agouti rex (reserved Glen)
Wood Nymph, dumbo Russian Blue agouti (Reserved Glen)
Pedigree for the Butterflies of North America Litter
N. American Butterflies PNZY Dmitri Polyakov
SITH Leeroy Jenkins
Agouti Irish Dwarf
Agouti Irish Dwarf
tBBR Barnacle tBBR Russian Blue Agouti Hairless Dwarf
SITH Harper tBBR Blue Agouti Dwarf
Russian Blue Hooded Dwarf
tBBR Scurvy Black Variegated Dumbo Dwarf
TOPI Tree Flower Black Hooded Rex Dwarf
ROUS Danger Baby,
Beige Roan
ROUS Cedar,
Dumbo Russian Agouti Roan
ROUS Peace
Dove European Roan Dumbo
TMLS Juniper
Agouti Irish Dumbo
ROUS Loulou,
Russian Blue European Roan Rex Dumbo
ROUS SITH Jicky Russian Blue European Roan Dumbo Rex
ROUS Victoire Black European Roan Dumbo
PNZY Becka
Dumbo Russian Blue Agouti Rex
SITH Slate
Dumbo Rex Russian Blue Cinnamon
LASC Octavius
Black Self Dumbo Dwarf
SITH Augustus
Black Self Dumbo Dwarf
SITH Daphne
Wheaten Blue Bermese Amercan Irish Dumbo Dwarf
LASC Lily PNZY Gandolf (Agouti European Roan Dumbo Rex)
PNZY Georgia Peach Agouti Self Dumbo Rex
ROUS Raindrops
Dumbo Rex Russian Blue
ROUS Cedar
Russian Agouti European Roan Dumbo
ROUS Peace Dove European Roan Dumbo
TMLS Juniper Agouti Irish Dumbo
ROUS Little Wing
Dumbo Rex Black
LASC Harry Jr. Black Self Dumbo
ROUS The Empress Black European Roan Dumbo Rex
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