Little Artists
Dumbo Russian Blue Cinnamon Rex
ROUS Raindrops
Dumbo Russian Blue Rex

On April 7, 2018, Raindrops gave birth to 12 perfect little cuties. There are 6 boys and 6 girls in this litter. Mom is being a terrific mother. Both parents carry roan and are rex, so we may see a few roan markings. Many of the babies will also be rex or double rex, and all will be dumbo like mom and dad. The roan line is known for its exceptional sweetness and this litter should be no different. Individual pictures to come.

The "Little Artists" litter Sire: Slate (dumbo russian blue cinnamon rex) LASC Octavius (dumbo black self dwarf) SITH Popcorn (American Blue Agouti Irish Dwarf) SITH Macadamia Nut (Russian Blue Agouti Dumbo Dwarf)
SITH Hazel Nut (American Blue Irish Dwarf)
SITH Charlie (Black Self Dumbo) SITH Captain (Rex Black Self Dumbo)
SITH Boba Fetta (Black-Eyed Seal Point Siamese Dumbo)
LASC Lily (fawn double rex dumbo roan) PNZY Gandolf (Agouti European Roan Dumbo Rex) PNZY Rollo (Black Self Dumbo)
SITH Arya (Agouti European Roan Dumbo Rex)
PNZY Georgia Peach Agouti Self Dumbo Rex PNZY Rollo (Black Self Dumbo)
SITH Arya (Agouti European Roan Dumbo Rex)
Dam: ROUS Raindrops on Roses (dumbo russian blue rex) ROUS Cedar (Russian Agouti European Roan Dumbo) ROUS Peace (Dove European Roan Dumbo) PNZY Pecan Pie (Black European Roan Dumbo)
ROUS Eugenia (Russian Blue European Roan Dumbo Rex)
TMLS Juniper (Agouti Irish Dumbo) SITH Tyrion (Fawn Dumbo Rex)
TMLS Amethyst (Pearl Merle Variberk Dumbo Rex)
ROUS Little Wing (Black Self Dumbo Rex) LASC Harry Jr. (Black Self Dumbo) PNZY Gandalf (Agouti European Roan Dumbo Rex)
PNZY Georgia Peach (Agouti Self Dumbo Rex)
ROUS The Empress (Black European Roan Dumbo Rex) ROUS Boogie (Dove European Roan Dumbo Rex)
SITH Paprika (Agouti Self Dumbo Rex)
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