Me and PanzyI am located in Everett, Washington and breed sweet and healthy pedigreed roan rats. Although I never bred her, I named my rattery after my first rat, Pansy, because she showed me how wonderful rats could be. She and her sister Petunia were rescued from a Petco adoption table one cold February morning in 2007. They had been left outside in a filthy 10 gallon aquarium before the store opened. I was in the store buying supplies for my hermit crabs when the small animal person begged me to take them because she was worried they’d go as snake food. I originally planned on holding them until a suitable home could be found, but after a few weeks I was attached and have been hooked on rats as pets ever since!

Why rats as pets you ask? Because they are friendlier and less inclined to bite than hamsters or gerbils. They also don’t take up as much time or space as a dog. Although their vet bills can be high, they are easy to care for.

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